Mobile Robots

Robots and Mobile Platforms (AGV, Autonomous Guided vehicles)

Moving robots in mobile platforms from place to place automatically - this exciting idea has been realized in many single and pilot projects over the last years. Multi-Machine operations, robots working without classical desks, case picking, automatic refill of storages in retail logistics ...

Project realization was often impaired by technical challenges, like power supply of the robot / tool, battery endurance, reach/payload, gripper technology, vision technology, navigation and positioning accuracy, path and job planning, communication to MES/ERP Systems or fleet managing software, and safety consideration when operating the platform in the middle of workers. In the end - this technology is waiting for a mass production breakthrough. In the end the pick rates compared to manual work were lower, and the cost of the complete installation were good to rectify technology scouting, but not a proper return on investment of a real application.

But there is hope - modern Cobots with long reach (like the HC10, HC20) and Industrial Digitalisation have become really promising enablers to achieve a breakthrough of robot arms on mobile platforms. Many System Integrators are on their way to attack an interesting world of logistic and multi-machine connecting applications. YASKAWA is ready to supply the robotic and controls technology.



Robots and AGVs working together

Many customers ask us about Robot arms on AGVs, but after digging deeper into the application and workflows required, it often turns out that a collaboration between a Robot Station and an AGV makes more sense.