Arc Welding

Motoman Robots in Arc Welding (Thermal Assembly)

We are "the State of the Arc"

Arc welding is the core of our company. Over four decades, Yaskawa has developed and delivered more welding robots, sensors, software and positioners than any other company. Our welding process knowledge and path control leads the industry, with robotic welding technology that tackles your biggest challenges. And - we provide excellent expert support throughout the world, wherever your target production site is located. Yaskawa Motoman - we know what we are doing.

YASKAWA Motoman Robots are the best choice for any kind of arc welding.

Motoman Arc Welding Robots

The Motoman AR-Series welding robots are tailored to arc welding in any respect. The slightly bended hollow arm structure allows the wire feeder to be placed perfectly. More than 50 arc specific robot functions are standard or come in software and function packages, helping you to decrease programming time radically. Our weaving, multi-layer, seam tracking and sensor integration capabilities are absolutely best in class.

If you need a robot with long reach, for welding large workpieces, go for our AR3120 weldig robot with an unbeatable 3.1m reach.

Collaborative Arc Welding Robot HC10DT-IP67 and Weld4me

The Weld4Me cobot welder (collaborative Robot) makes it easy for manual welders doing their first steps into robotic welding. As a key component, it includes the HC10DT-IP67 Cobot Welder and the Welding Wizard Software.

Weld4Me has been developed for small and medium sized welding companies to address the increasing shortage of welding specialists, in order to automate existing welding workstations without having to invest in costly robot welding equipment. Programming / teaching the robot is very simple - the operator guides the robot arm from point to point and the robot takes over the robot path and later follows the taught path.

Multi-Robot, Multi Axis Control and Jigless Operation

One YASKAWA YRC1000 Robot control can manage fully synchronized motion of up to 4 robots, and a total of 72 motion axes. More than 100.000 Twin/Triple/Quad Robot installation references out in the field prove that the technology works. Yaskawa Motoman were pioneers first in this technology, and we still we are ahead of our competition. The Multi-Robot/Multi-Axis functionality was born for arc welding, because perfect motion synchronisation between Master/Slave robots and/or workpiece positioners are crucial to achieve optimum welding poses and unbeatable cycle times.

Workpiece Positioners, Tracks, Gantries

Don’t spend your valuable design capacity for robot or workpiece positioning concept and components. Our unique modular positioner portfolio will exceed all your requirements. Tracks and Gantries help to move robots between multiple stations, to weld large parts and to save floor space.

Jigs and Workpiece Fixtures

All Yaskawa Positioners are available with standardized frames and/or brackets to attach individual jigs, e.g. the patented MotoMount System. We leave the decision open to you if you prefer to design the jigs by yourself, or if you leave it to our expertise to design and manufacture those jigs for you.

Arc Welding Process Equipment / Weld Packages for Motoman Robots

While other robot brands limit their compatible welding power supply options, Yaskawa Motoman provides high-level digital interfaces for the widest range of power source brands including Fronius, SKS, Lorch, Binzel, EWM, Kemppi, Miller, Lincoln Electric - and many more. With our integrated digital interfaces, the power source weld parameters can be monitored and adjusted directly from the robot programming pendant. Those interfaces do not just turn on and off the arc process, but support many features of the respective arc welding equipment, and many of them are integrated into the HMI of the robot operating pendant.

Advanced Arc Welding Functionalities with Motoman Robots

Seam Finding and Tracking without Sensor - Comarc (Digital and Analog)

Just by using a feedback signal from the weld controller, Motoman Robots are able to compensate horizontal and vertical path deviations during the welding (horizontal and vertical). This works even with multilayer welding. This is a simple and reliable method to compensating inaccurate workpieces or fixtures with tolerances.


Touch Sensing, Seam Finding and Adaptive Seam Tracking (MotoSense)

In our arc welding projects, we are supporting our own MotoSense 3.0 System, but - of course - the leading 3rd party seam finding and tracking technology - well known to us from many successful system business projects we did in the past.

For suppliers of Seam Finding/Seam tracking Equipment, or really special customer-specific requirements, we offer Software Development Interfaces (MotoGSI, Motoplus) for programming.

Weaving Functions

Weaving is not just oscillation - Motoman Robots offer advanced weaving options for precise motion even when the robot arm is under re-orientation, for multilayer situations, or for tapering gaps.

Weld Seam Inspection

Weld Seam Inspection can be realized in-process or as a separate quality inspection step. The optical inspection system inspects 100 percent of the components produced for various quality criteria and therefore significantly contributes to qualitative improvements.

Error Recovery

The unique Motoman Error Recovery function specifies defined sequences for safeguarding component quality in the event of disruptions during the welding process. In case of the welding error in a dual arm welding installation for example, you can define how the robots should react - stop welding immediately, let one of the robot finalize its weld job while the other one stops, move the positioner into unload position etc. A helpful tool to save workpieces and to react quickly to save valuable time.


TCP and Torch Calibration, Wire Cutter (TSC-D)

Weld torches require maintenance - for this purpose we are offering our compact TCS-D and Q-Set torch maintenance stations, both available with Torch Cleaner, TCP Calibration and Wire Cutter.

MotoSim Offline Simulation and OLP Engineering Tool

MotoSim is our central engineering tool to generate workcell layouts, Offline-Programming (OLP) of our robots, doing reach studies and estimating cycle times. It offers good value for money, and it is much easier to use than the large plant simulation tool on the market, while supporting all unique Motoman features like Master-Slave, Positioner, Gantry and tracks.

Standard and Turnkey Robotic Welding Systems

Please check out our standard arc welding station products and bundles. They are modular, and we build them in a batch production line, well prepared for fast delivery and attractive pricing. Our ArcWorld Turnkey Stations are available with different welding equipment and workpiece positioner options, and will most likely fit to your needs. Or Standard Stations breethe 40 years of robotic welding expertise.

With our Engineering Tool MotoSim we are able to design the machine concept and layout in advance, simulate reach and cycle time, and generate robot programs offline to download them to the robot. For Factory Integration level, we are using ProcessSimulate.

ArcWorld Micro/Mini Turnkey Welding Stations

ArcWorld Mini RS and Micro HS Stations are compact standard stations, perfect for batch size production of smaller parts.

ArcWorld CS 250/500 Series – Turnkey Standard Welding Cells

Our ArcWorld CS station porfolio is modular, available with different welding equipment and positioner options, and will most likely fit to your needs. Don’t spend your valuable design capacity to invent the wheel again by designing the workpiece positioning concept and components. Our unique Welding Cell Portfolio will exceed all your requirements.

As an alternative, the RVE Standard Cell is a solid compact welding cell with simple 2-Station Positioner.

Tailored Turnkey Robotic Welding Solutions

Historically, the footprint of YASKAWA Motoman in Europe was founded by two System Integrators for Robotic Welding Solutions. Since then, we emerged to a supplier of unique, high-tech, turnkey robotic welding and assembly systems, absolutely designed and optimized to your individual production challenges. Whatever welding automation challenge you may have, whatever specification or boundaries regarding workpiece material, geometries, tolerances, cycle time, workflow, welding methods, equipment, process, flexibility, quality issue you may come up with - challenge us and let us partner up with you finding your perfect robotic welding components or solutions. Using professional engineering tools, we can answer a lot of your questions upfront in the quotation and consulting phase - before going into hardware.